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tv   FOX Report  FOX News  October 19, 2014 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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this is the fox report, the nation's top expert on inge effect shus disease. dr. anthony fauchi who heads the infectious disease department at a dallas hospital to deal with america's first ebola patient is inadequate and helped contribute to two nurses getting infected. >> the protocol that was originally recommend was a protocol that is a w.h.o.
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protocol that doesn't cover every aspect of your skin. when you're in an intensive care setting, doing things you would never do in the bush in africa, very inveiasive types of procedures that is not the omt mall way. >> the cdc is setting now guidelines on how to deal with ebola. meanwhile the pentagon is now joining the ebola response here in the united states. chuck hagel has ordered the military to train a 30-member team that could provide help to medical professionals if there are more ebola cases here in the u.s., all this as criticism is flowing from many lawmaker who is say the administration is not doing enough. they say issuing a travel ban for example from the hardest hit countries in west africa to protect americans, something the president says he does not
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support. and some are saying that the man he appointed as the ebola czar is the wrong man. what is the latest push back on this choice. >> the president's critics are saying that ron klain as ebola czar just isn't going to cut it, he has got to do more and we're hearing from one republican congressman who's putting a lot of pressure on the administration to get their ebola facts straight because back pedalling has not calmed a nervous public down. >> when you get information that proves to be false, so we need to stop these overcertaintieies from these medical folks. >> reporter: one democratic
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senator bob casey also from pennsylvania is insisting today that the solution to this ebola crisis isn't here in the united states, he says it's in west africa. >> you've got to stop it at the source i think not just the big hospitals, but every medical center has to reach a status of absolute preparedness, that's why the pittsburgh hospital is changing and moving quickly to implement better protective protocol. >> we saw president obama today walking from the residence to marine 1 for some campaign events in maryland and illinois. somebody shouted out a question about ebola but the president did not respond. >> i have got to tell you, on what dpr casey said, we had many medical experts to say it's impossible for every hospital to come up to speed on ebola, i
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would like to press him on what he meant there. and the strike force on ebola, tell us more about it. >> within the next week or so, the pentagon says downing in ft. sam houston in texas, the secretary of defense said he wants medical support teams to begin training with special equipment and a small team would be deployed dmsically who specializes in infectious diseases. and a very specific mission down in texas, they would be ready to deploy for the next 30 days. >> thank you very much. >> the loved ones of patient zero, as they call him, thomas eric duncan will get the all clear just hours from now, at midnight, they will end 21 days in quarantine after he began
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to -- duncan's fiance issued a statement today thanking everyone for their help and prayers. meanwhile a cruise ship where a dallas medical worker was under self-quarantine after handling samples at that dallas hospital has -- they had to do something to get that woman off the boat, did she get off with the rest of the passengers. >> good evening, harris, she was the first off, she beat the other passengers by at least two hours to get off the ship after she spent five days in voluntary isolation. they jumped into a white skran, we're told they were then taken in their cars where they drove home in dallas with no restrictions, that's because a
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coast guard helicopter landed on the ship yesterday and took the woman's blood sample, we found out today that she tested negative for ebola. the passengers say they found out about the situation when the captain came on the loud speaker on wednesday. >> i got chills because i knew something was up because of the way the captain was speaking and when he said that there was someone here who had been exposed i lost it. >> the liberian man who died from ebola at texas health presbyterian, their quarantine will end at midnight, they're part of the first 48 people who had contact with duncan, so far, harris, none of those 48 have come down with ebola. >> but two of the nurses at that hospital have and how are they doing? >> that is right, nina pham who
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is in houston is at the -- and she is in fair condition. >> you always hate to predict when you have a very serious illness like this, but i feel good about the fact that she's progressing very well. >> pham's boyfriend and three families are also in quarantine. we also heard that her dog bently is in warr -- quarantine. the cdc is monitoring 100 people who she connected with in ohio last week, and they're also monitoring all the passengers who were on the planes when she went from dallas to ohio and back again. harris, i can tell you when
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those do finally come out, you can expect that those workers will be covered head to toe. harris, back to you. >> well, and we wish the best for the nurses, they are the warriors on the front line of this thing. >> health officials are saying a nursing sninassistant has recov from the ebola virus. she was the first one to become infected with ebola outside of west africa. and for the past week, she's been receiving treatment and quarantine at a madrid hospital where she's been given transfusions from people who recovered from the disease. and she is now clear of all traces of ebola, however a second test must be done to confirm that. with the u.s. military tracking from the air, or attacking from the air and kurdish fighters on the ground, isis terror milit t
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militants are seeing a rising death count of their own. we're understanding the isis terror army is launching a new offensive, but so far, kobani remains in the hands of the people who live there and it looks like neighboring turkey will not get involved with the fighting there. >> reporter: in the last 24 hours, we have got on word of one of the strongest clashes between isis terrorists and kurdish militia, one of the bigger waves of u.s. air strikes against isis, this is looking like a fight to the finish, in the last few days, we are told, isis has re-enforced their positions attacking on three different fronts, pounding the kurds with mortars as well as
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dropping more bombs. we are told the battle lines basically have change d and tha 70 isis terrorists have been killed. targeting 20 terror fighting positions, and they basically tell me as brave as the kurdish fighters are, these air strikes are the main thing keeping them in the game. and it's still not clear who will win because turkey is still taking a very hard line. not allow the u.s. to transfer weapons to kurdish fighters. >> thank you very much. >> right now, grieving parents are waiting to hear if remains found are those of their missing
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awesome! awesome! awesome! (all) awesome! i love logistics. >> a pumpkin festival erupted in violence leading to arrests and injuries. i don't really know what you call it. it was near keen state college, police in riot gear used tear gas to calm a mob that had gotten out of control. police say alcohol fueled mayhem, people reportedly threw rocks, bottles and pumpkins. one group of rioters overturned a car, in the end, more than a
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dozen went to jail, 20 more went to the hospital. keen state's president says that -- >> a series of tests are now under way at a virginia laboratory to determine if human remains were that of colleges student hanna graham. it launched a 35-day search. they have been through this before, sadly, leland. >> reporter: yes, they have indeed. where i'm standing is the last place hanna graham was seen on videotape, this body was found a
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little bit more than 10 miles as the crow flies from hear, might as well be another world. today searchers were back once again looking for more clues, we're told, looking possibly for clothing and also for a cell phone that could have belonged to hanna graham. remember the body was found yesterday around noon in a dried up creek bed achkd investigators will not con ficfirmator or den is the remains of hanna graham. it was a little bit less than five years ago that they found another body very near this one, it was that of morgan harrington, a woman who disappeared after a metallica concert. and police linked her
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disappearance to this man. >> very significant that they were found very close by, maybe about two miles from each other, from where morgan went missing, from where the remains were found yesterday. the other thing that's significant is the fact that jesse matthews' mother owned a home about a block away from where the remains were found yesterday. and this is the area where matthews grew up in. >> when you look from these aerial shots, you can see the area they're going to search through the next few days. they'll do an autopsy, not only to figure out the cause of death, but also to try to come up with that positive identification, perhaps to bring some closure to the graham family, even if it is the worst of news. >> before i let you go, you and i were e-mailing back and forth. you just gave the details of two
4:18 pm
young women who have gone missing over the last few years. what's the mood like on campus? are there flyers arrange about people looking out for one another? >> reporter: i think there's a sad sense here on campus, and people say they over really glad there's closure brought to this situation, there's also the issue of those who came to college here, a lot of them didn't remember the harrington case, now all of a sudden it's front and center with the hanna graham case. >> thank you very much. hurricane ana ask whipping through the hawaiian island.
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uninhabited marine sanctuary, hurricane ana has been threatening hawaii with strong winds, high surf, but officials are advising people not to let their guards down. astronomers around the globe, looking for a close encounter of a martian kind. here's an animation of what prompted so much excitement today. a comet zipped past mars, coming three times closer to mars than we are to the moon. >> it will be another million years before we ever see this comet again, sighting springs, right past mars today giving scientists the closest look they have ever had of a comet passing
4:24 pm
that near to a atlanta. they are capturing images of the comet as its flew by mars at 126,000-mile-per-hour. scientists say the comet is about the size of a small mountain, using cameras and instruments on board the mars orbiters and rover. scientists hope to have captured a front row view of the comet fly by, learning more about what comets are made of and the effect the comet had on the martian atmosphere. >> they were made before the earth. so they are early remnants of our solar system. so understand the origin of the earth, we really have to understand these comets. >> reporter: traveling from the ort cloud, the outermost part of our solar system, researchers believe, the comet is like a time capsule, giving us new
4:25 pm
insight on how comets are form ed. sighting spring is name after the observatory that first sighted the comet in june. the fircritics of the first czar -- just two weeks to go until the midterm election. our political insider coming up next, and i'm looking at twitter because some of you were already joining the conversation, bill radcliffe says on my twitter page, thoughts of the panel on how polling has changed and how reliable those polls are. tweet us @harrisfaulknersrw. bloc
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. it is the bottom of the hour now, 40 isis fighters killed inside syria. kurdish fighters supported by our air strikes and coalition pilots in the sky continue to keep a hold on their city. some witnesses say it's the most intense fighting so far. neighboring turkey getting involved saying it will not allow the u.s. to transfer much
4:30 pm
needed weapons to the kurds. and the mandatory quarantine of the family of thomas duncan will end. his family has been confined for three weeks, but fortunately none of them are showing signs of the illness. they can move on with their lives at midnight central time. and the ebola czar is facing criticism on his lack of medical experience, but now, ron klain is getting some support in the health care community. >> what we're taking about an ebola response coordinator. this is a medical thing. >> the fox news political insiders are here and they're smearing.
4:31 pm
you can join the conversation on faulkner, like us there and i'll read youp let's get started with the so-called czar, the erc, the ebola response coordinator. >> i know ron klain very well, i worked with him for seven years in the clinton administration on the gore campaign. he is a very smart, very shrewd political operative. but he is a coordinator of political message.
4:32 pm
he is a spin doctor, par excellence. i don't think that this addresses his appointment, the issue that the american people have with the obama administration, which is leadership. i think that had a czar been appointed who wasz medical professional or a health care professional, someone like dr. barry mccaffrey, we would have seen a response from the american people achnd the leadership of the country, it would have been more enthusiastic, but this looks like more of the same, more politics. >> we're hearing dribs and drabs that all of your skin needs to be covered if you're treating ebola in a hospital. a lesson learned in dallas. >> i helped bring in the
4:33 pm
politics in joe biden's political campaign. he was young and idealistic, and unfortunately, like everyone in washington, it's now changed. but he's been more than a political operative par excellence. his conduct in the florida recall is gore's chief of staff. he got up there and basically on fis indicated, he spun. this is the man who kept saying, we want to have all the votes counted in three democratic counties and by the way stop the military ballots. this is a person who drove the salinger disaster, this is the point that shows you that the president cares nothing except about politics. he is reporting to susan rice. and if that isn't enough, the "new york times" says the adjunct to the press article, and guess who was explaining how
4:34 pm
great he was, tom donovan, who manufactured the benghazi cover-up. >> so everybody got hit by pat cadell right there. why did they hire this guy to do the job? >> in the middle of this past week, obama was scheduled to come up here to go to new jersey, connecticut, new york, for, guess what? fund raising trip and campaigning. he decided not to go, because of the polling after the second ebola case, the polling for democrats collapsed all across the country, and democrats who are ahead in some states like north carolina and new hampshire, some states are behind. we just saw in connecticut, democratic state, the thing has collapsed. so what does obama do? he cancelled the trip, not really to cope with the disease outbreak, but to cope with the political outbreak among
4:35 pm
democrats who are in absolute panic that they're going to get blocked out. >> some are saying that klain is to occupy the space under the bus. >> i think it's basically to cover the president's rear. this is a message contest to try to prevent -- prevailed upon the president to not campaign, not fund raise, this is to keep the message together to save whatever remains --- >> he cancelled the fund raising trip. >> he didn't cancel the fundraisining after benghazi. he had no meetings, after the beheadings, or when the airliner went down in the ukraine or the ukraine or whatever. this is a political effort, that's all, that's all they think this is pr.
4:36 pm
these people won't understand the country is upset because these people are -- >> one other thing, and the republican said, pick general powell, all right, make him a czar. general powell has great credibility, he is a republican who endorsed obama, why would they not pitch general powell? >> you know why? because they can't control something like that. this guy they will control and he's part of the team. >> and for that, let me just say, that would not have answered the call for swung medical. it is an aura of command -- >> describe how things are going in the world these days. americans taking these polls. i'm curious what -- i think all
4:37 pm
right it will way things are. but the comment about hell in a hand basket suggests the political crisis we're facing. the president, his advisors understand that this election could well be a complete blowout. we are on the cusp of a 2010, 1994 style defeat. that's what they're worried about. >> i want to come to pat on the street, bill radcliffe writes fox from the panel on how reliable these polls are today. just look at that poll, what are you thinking? >> they have a lot of problems polling the great secret because people are not responding and you have a lot of, you know, polls that float around. the problem in this election, who's going to vote, who's not going to vote. it's hard to determine. >> let me just say this, the problem with this crisis is, it's not a pr crisis, it's a
4:38 pm
confidence crisis. >> leadership crisis. >> leadership crisis. what you have is the strength of the va, the secret service, benghazi, the irs, one after the other, of isis. bergdahl, all incompetence. so why don't you get someone like powell, why don't you get a leader? because he doesn't know anything about how to message party politics. >> we're going to move on. the minority vote could be key in the midterm. they say democrats are losing support among women and they cannot depend on199ñ a strong showing from black voters in the po polls. the political insiders will weigh in, we're coming right back. and en to than trted yeah, i get that a lot. alka seltzer heartburn reliefchews.
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a shift in who voters want to support two weeks before the midterm election. 2/3 of likely voters prefer a republican-led congress. this is the first time that republicans have led over democrats since this particular poll began five weeks ago. our political insiders are back. doug? >> this poll suggests that there is a trend which is now clear and i think unambiguous to the republicans. we're seeing in individual states like new hampshire and iowa and colorado. >> north carolina. clear movement to the republicans, i think it's white the president cancelled his fund raiser. >> why is it happening? >> it's happening because of the sense of fear, a lack of leadership, a lack of competence, put another way, a government out of control. >> as a democrat who has had to do kind of messaging and take information out of the polls to
4:43 pm
help your candidate or your client win. what would you be telling president obama right now? >> at this point it is very difficult to consolidate your base to get them to the polls. because this is a base turnout elections. >> on the front page of the "new york times" today, there was an article about the black vote and democrats. your thoughts on that, john. >> they are so desperate now to win these seats that they are losing points in. they hope to generate higher turnout among their base voters than you normally get in an offhere election. they did a great job, obama did in 2012, they got a higher turnout than anybody did. >> look what's happening down in because you've got some counter ads to senator mary landrieu now, and bill clinton, former president is going to be down helping her campaign tomorrow.
4:44 pm
state senator albert gill roy, let's watch. >> mary landrieu, she doesn't have to do anything for our community. because no matter what she does, 95% of us will line up and vote for her every single time. >> pat? >> well, i think that this is the problem, you know, while i heard tavis smiley on the talk shows tomorrow, talking about the fact that black or hispanic voters, the democrats have a problem in the economy because a message saying that it could be worse is appealing, how high,aj black unemployment is. it's not going well, they're depending on president obama. let me just say president clinton has replaced president obama who cannot appear anywhere except for a few blue areas. democrats are trying to hold on to clinton, but everywhere he goes, he went to kentucky, he went to arkansas, both
4:45 pm
democratic candidates went downing. and it's just a bad luck check. i think his goi ing out and ca campaigning reminds these people of obama. >> the country is now, according to "the wall street journal" is moving to a republican congress despite the fact that the republican party polls in the fox poll this week, higher negative, 54% than they have ever had. >> they don't like the republicans, they really don't like the current status quo. >> neither party can speak to one of the issues you raised before has offered a positive agenda going forward. the democrats really have been bereft of a message, the republicans message vote against president obama and the democrats. >> what three people sitting at this table for two years have been saying, the first party that comes out with an
4:46 pm
optimistic, pro growth positive agenda can take the country. >> the four of us have been saying that. that's not partisan, that's just a good idea. m@'publicans, you know, i think it's been said that what i call the stupid party might turn out to be the dumb luck party in this election, they should have put a lot of these races away a long time ago. for the very reason that john's talking about, they unpopularity, they have failed to do that, that and democratic money trying to keep -- trying to do the impossible. and cross no man's land, why do you think they're doing national advertising. why aren't they running advertisement, one is cheaper, more people will see it, instead of just doing it -- >> there's no message. >> but even that--the message will be simple, doug, which is,
4:47 pm
this is president obama, here's his policy, if you're for it, vote republican. send the democrats a message. but they will never do it. because the consultants can't make enough money off of it. >> for our viewers, you guys know, the inside scoop is the time buyers in campaigns get like 15%. so if you spend a million dollars on tv ads, they get 150 grand, right? they have an incentive -- isn't that right. >> it's unbelievable. >> so they have an incentive to spend more money in certain markets that cost more. they get a bigger fee. >> layla, that's such a prettyeh name, writes to me on twitter, you know, harris, women love strength not weakness, you talk about why the voting is shifting, why people are identifying more with the republicans than the democrat, she says that is why this gal is voting for the gop. you call them security? >> that was the big thing a couple of cycles ago and we have
4:48 pm
gotten away from it after the george bush implosion and obama came in and we didn't hear about it. we talked about it. fear is the dominant thing. >> the beginning of last week, fear was going -- and look what kind of week we had. you can always know we're going to tell you the weeks coming. >> it is a sign of how sad things are, in a week where we have had success against isis in kobani. it's off the front page, the president isn't talking got it, but more importantly, he cou couldn't even get a deal with turkey. >> why isn't the president talking about the success? because what i think i hear you saying is that we actually pumped up what we're doing from the sky there. led by our guys in the sky, our guys and gals, in the sky. shooting our air strikes on kobani and allowing the curds the space, the room to move, to be able to fight back. why aren't we going that?
4:49 pm
>> because there's a palpable lack of leadership in washington, particularly in the white house. >> i want to say this, the turkey thing is a disaster because they are having air kes >> but isn't the turkey thing a disaster, pat, the national advisor, susan rice came out again on a monday. >> as sowhat happened? >> the fact is they didn't have a deal. this group, like you call them a team of clowns in foreign policy, led by her. and, you know, the burden in the case is another example of that, but not to peek of the benghazi talking points, all they have done with the kurds is hold them up. we still don't have weapons systems. it is about to take the baghdad airport, they are not being stopped. there is no one on the ground. except the kurds and they're -- >> and that's interesting.
4:50 pm
because while we may be doing something in one part with syria, then on the backside -- >> we lack terrorist strategies, there is no clear path going forward for us. what the american people want is leadership. >> i'm seeing it more and more, women are tired of being used as political ploys. frank, i'm skiing it over and over. >> look at the result of senator udall playing that card. >> for more on the economy and how it might influence the makeup of the next senate, catch fox news reporting american payday, the big squeeze, that will be anchored by brett baier, that focuses on louisiana and kentucky races, tonight 9:00 p.m. eastern, and we're not even at the midterms yet, and political watchers are already looking ahead to 2016, polls continue to put hillary clinton and mitt romney ahead of potential white house candidates in their respective parties. but what happens if neither one
4:51 pm
of these people decides to run, what does that do for their party? the fox news political insiders will be right back. pat, you are champing at the bit, the commercial won't be long, stick with us. she reminds you every day. but your erectile dysfunction-that could be a question of blood flow. cialis for daily use helps you be ready anytime the moment is right. you can be more confident in your ability to be ready. and the same cialis is also the only daily ed tablet approved to treat symptoms of bph, like needing to go frequently or urgently. tell your doctor about all your medical conditions and medicines, and ask if your heart is healthy enough for sex. do not take cialis if you take nitrates for chest pain, as it may cause an unsafe drop in blood pressure. do not drink alcohol in excess. side effects may include headache, upset stomach, delayed backache or muscle ache. to avoid long-term injury, get medical help right away for an erection lasting more than four hours. if you have any sudden decrease or loss in hearing or vision,
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have a long history of supporting civil rights. she is currently supported by the chamber of commerce, she's an advocate of the state, she's ahead in the state now in the three-way race, and is behind in a runoff, but she is competitive and it could well be the race is that tips the ballot. >> absolutely.
4:55 pm
now we're going to move on and talk about what's happening, looking ahead to 2016. and you know, there's been reportingomney is not running. >> we're done, we're done, we're done. we're looking at some new polling that's come out. and it really looks like two people stand ahead of the back in iowa. >> all eyes on iowa. hillary clinton, 61%, taking a look in that state of iowa, who they would vote for. >> it's an election on democrats. >> and mitt romney, also heated of the back, but the pack ik6/? large for the gop. >> not just that romney is at 17, romney did not win iowa in the end, obviously dr. carson coming in second, is sort of startling news.
4:56 pm
>> i don't think he's a serious presidential candidate. >> it's the same thing with independents running in a lot of states, they're getting a lot of percentage of the vote, even those that are not going to win. >> the biggest poll is jeb bush at 4%. that is bad. >> and harris, the proposition is winning, is based on jeb bush not running. my prediction is that jeb bush will not run. i have heard that he's inching towards a decision, but ultimately he won't do it. >> does the party have to wait for mitt romney to announce and -- >> they have decided the chris christie is done. >> can i bring some rationality to this discussion? >> now you have 14 seconds. >> the nationshtional discussio. which is the belief that our politics is left with the political clash of both parties. the one state that we have
4:57 pm
talked about with differing thing happening is kansas. i'm telling you there's revolt going on particularly in the midwest. >> to win iowa. we're done for tonight. and i'm very much alive. now my doctor recommends a bayer aspirin regimen to help prevent another heart attack. be sure to talk to your doctor before you begin an aspirin regimen. in life there are things you want to touch and some you just don't. introducing the kohler touchless toilet. ♪
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[ male announcer ] 4 out of 5 dentists confirmed these pro-health products helped maintain a professional clean. my daughter inspired me to make a change. crest pro-health really brought my mouth to the next level. starts next. >> are we trying that hard to keep ebola out? and should the government impose a travel band? can republicans take control of the senate or blow it? they are 25 miles from baghdad. is isis capable of taking iraq's capitol. and houston mayor pastor's sermons are fair game. i say game on. ♪ >> good evening, and i good evening, i'm mike huckabee, thanks for watching tonight. shou


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